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High-tech tools and solutions for a better knowledge of the territory and forest resources. Technology transfer from scientific research to optimized planning for sustainable forest management.

Implementation of software systems based on GIS applications for decision support in forest planning and management processes. Developed with innovative models and algorithms realized with remote sensing techniques.

Detailed mapping of land features by means of photogrammetry and laser scanning by drone (LiDAR), for the production of digital terrain and surface models (DTM and DSM). Processing of complex point clouds.

L’analisi preliminare delle componenti ambientali è necessaria per un corretto inserimento delle infrastrutture nel territorio, per progettare le mitigazioni necessarie e per minimizzare eventuali danni. Rispondiamo a queste esigenze realizzando progetti di recupero e riqualificazione di aree degradate come cave, discariche e aree marginali, Valutazioni di Impatto Ambientale e Valutazioni di Incidenza.

Collecting data is easy, collecting good quality data is less so. But how do you assess whether the data is actually of good quality? Our experience provides the answers to this question through specific operational procedures.

Urban green and environmental monitoring

Assessment of stability and physiological status of trees with innovative techniques that allows monitoring of plant functionality for the expression of ecosystem services and tree risk management.

In the modern management of urban green areas, the monitoring of the phytosanitary conditions of trees and the identification of those at risk of falling is fundamental. The V.T.A. method (Visual Tree Assessment) method allows the identification of these specimens starting from the characteristic symptoms that they show. Through specific visual and instrumental analysis we provide quantitative data on the condition of the wood.

Thanks to the new technologies and products available, we are able to plan effective intervention strategies to permanently eliminate some pathogens and parasites that often attack the tree species commonly used in urban trees or carry out treatments to reinvigorate plants in nutritional deficit. To perform the treatments we use the collaboration of professionals in the field.

Is it possible to know the risk of air pollution in remote areas without expensive investments? Is it possible to move from the data collected by pollution measurement stations to wider spatial estimates? Spontaneous or introduced vegetation is a simple and inexpensive method for monitoring environmental quality and air pollution in urban and remote areas.

How are the forests doing? Are they threatened by pest attacks, air pollution? Has their condition changed over time? Does their management meet sustainability criteria? We can answer this question, applying harmonized methodologies at the community level and providing the necessary data for certification processes.

Assessment of the physiological state of trees using vegetation indices (NDVI), processed from drone photogrammetric surveys (UAV SAPR) with multispectral sensors. Stability analysis with specially developed IoT sensors, with real-time software analysis and alert system.

Project Management
and calls

Animazione e sviluppo di progetti congiunti per l’erogazione di contributi regionali ed europei del settore, utili allo sviluppo del territorio e delle imprese e alla sperimentazione di strumenti nuovi (es. PSR, Programma LIFE)

Design and development of project proposals for participation in regional, national and European funding calls; coordination, monitoring of work programs and reporting.

Aggregation and animation of partnerships and private and public-private consortia (companies, public bodies, private citizens, associations) for the shared development of project proposals.

Mapping of territorial needs, bottom-up involvement processes, shared development of objectives and tools.


Development of support systems for integrated planning of environmental resources, using remote sensing techniques (satellites and drones).

For the valorization of the territory we offer services of planning and management of systems of fruition of the environmental resources (Guidelines for the management of the Risorse), realizzazione di reti escursionistiche, percorsi natura e didattici e di materiale promozionale e divulgativo.

Activities performed as an ENAC licensed operator, with the support of professional pilots.

Partecipazione a gruppi per la redazione di VIA/SIA secondo le procedure indicate dalla normativa vigente. Redazione di Valutazioni di Incidenza per interventi che interessano aree con vincoli ambientali (Parchi, Aree protette, Siti di Interesse Comunitario etc.)

Collecting data is easy, collecting good quality data is less so. But how do you assess whether the data is actually of good quality? Our experience provides the answers to this question through specific operational procedures.

e sviluppo

Raccolta dati di qualità, sperimentazione e sviluppo di nuove soluzioni tecnologiche per il settore forestale ed ambientale.

Design and development of Nature Based solutions for tree heritage monitoring.

Progettazione, sviluppo e testing di applicativi per attività di monitoraggio agricolo e forestale e per progetti ad impatto ambientale positivo.

e riqualificazione

Technical design of parks, green areas, and natural resource prevention and conservation interventions.

The green is something more than a simple decoration. We provide technical assistance for design, management, restoration, pruning, consolidation, phytosanitary treatments and green systems with special purposes.

The preliminary analysis of the environmental components is necessary for a correct insertion of the infrastructures in the territory and for the planning of the mitigation measures necessary to minimize damage. We respond to these needs by carrying out projects of recovery and redevelopment of degraded areas such as quarries, landfills and marginal areas, Environmental Impact Assessments and Impact Assessments.

Progettazione di opere di consolidamento, stabilizzazione e protezione per scarpate e versanti con tecniche di ingegneria naturalistica, effettuata con la collaborazione di soci AIPIN, al fine della prevenzione e il recupero di fenomeni di frana e dissesto idrogeologico.